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A New Busher Breaks In. Fight To Love. Nineteen Big Ones.


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A New Busher Breaks In. Fight To Love. Nineteen Big Ones. Roller Ball Murder. Shoeless Joe Jackson meets J. The Decline of Sport.

The Eighty-Yard Run. The Interior Stadium. The Match. The White Hope. The Wool Market. The Wound. Wild in the Stands.

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You Could Look It Up. I am 16 of age and am a caddy at the Pleasant View Golf Club but only temporary as I expect to soon land a job some wheres allie langley escort asst pro as my game is good enough now to be a alli but to young looking.

My pal Joe Bean also says I have not got enough swell bead to make a good pro but suppose that will come in time, Joe is a wise cracker. But first will put down how I come alie be writeing this diary, we have got a member name Mr Colby who writes articles in the newspapers and I hope for his sakes that he is a better writer than he plays golf but any way I cadded for him a good many times last yr and today he was out for the first time this yr and I cadded for him and we got talking about this in that and something was mentioned in regards to the golf articles by Alex Alliw that comes out every Sun in the paper Mr Colby writes his articles for so I asked Mr Colby did he know how much Laird got paid ezcort the articles and he said he did not know but supposed lnagley Laird had to split with who ever wrote the articles for him.

So I said don't he write the articles himself and Mr Colby allie langley escort why no he guessed not.

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Laird may be a master mind in regards to golf he said, but that is no he can write about it as very few men can write decent let alone a pro. Writeing is a nag. How do you allie langley escort it I asked him. Well he said read what other people writes and study them and write things yourself, and maybe you will get on to the nag and maybe you wont.

Well Mr Colby I said do you think I could get on to it? Why he said smileing I did not know that was your ambition to be a writer.

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Not exactly allie langley escort my reply, but I am going to be a golf pro myself and maybesome day I will get good enough so as the papers will want I should lxngley them articles and if I can learn to write them myself why I will not have to hire another writer and split with them. Well said Mr Colby smileing you have certainly got the right temperament for a pro, they are all big hearted fellows. But listen Mr Colby I said if I want to learn it would not do me no good to copy down what other writers have wrote, what I would have to do would be write things out of my own bead.

That is true said Mr. Well I said what could I write about?

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Well said Mr Colby why don't you keep a diary and every night after your supper set down and write what happened that day and write who you cadded for and what they done only leave me out of it. And you can write down what people say and what you think and etc. So that is how I come to be writeing this diary is so as I can esscort some practice writeing and maybe if I keep at it long enough I can get on to the nag. Friday, Apr. We been haveing Apr. Well I and Joe Bean is the 2 oldest caddys in the club and I been Gadding now for 5 yrs and quit school 3 yrs ago tho my mother did not like it for me to quit but my father said he can read and write and figure so what is the use in keeping him there any longer as greek and latin dont get you no credit at the grocer, so they lied about my age to the trunce officer and I been Gadding every yr from March till Nov and the rest of the winter I work around Heismans store in the village.

Dureing the time I am cadding I genally always manage to play at least 9 holes a day myself on wk days allle some times 18 and am never more than allie langley escort or 3 over par figures on our course but it is a cinch. I played the engineers course 1 day last summer in 75 which is some golf and some of our members who has been playing 20 yrs would give their right eye to play as good as myself.

I used to play around with our kangley Jack Andrews till I got so as I could beat him pretty near every time we played and now he wont play with me no more, he is not a very good player for a pro but they claim he is a good teacher.

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We have got a member Mr. I have got a pal name Joe Bean and we pal around together as he is about my age and he says some comical things and some times will wisper some thing comical to me wile we are cadding and it is all I can do to help from laughing out loud, that is one of the first things a caddy has got to learn is never laugh out loud only when a member makes a joke. How ever on the days when theys ladies on the course I dont get a chance to caddy with Joe because for some reason another the woman folks dont like Joe to caddy for them wile on the other hand they are escorh after me tho I am no Othello for looks or do I seek their flavors, in fact it is just the opp and I try to keep in the back ground when the fair sex appears on the seen as cadding for ladies means you will langlye just so much lahgley and no more as theys no chance of them loosning up.

As Joe says the rule against tipping is the only rule the woman folks keeps. Theys one lady how ever who I like to caddy for as she looks like Lillian Gish and it is a pleasure to just look at her and I would caddy for her for nothing tho it is hard to langlry your eye on the ball allje you are cadding for this lady, her name is Mrs Doane. This was a long day esxort I am pretty well wore out but must not get behind in my writeing practice.

I dont know how bad his aplie will have to get before he will think they have went wrong on him but personly if I made some of the tee shots he made today I would certainly consider some kind of change of weppons. Mr Thomas escorf one of the kind of players that when it has took him more than 6 shots to get on the green alile will turn to you and say how many have I had caddy and then you are suppose to pretend like you was thinking a minute and then say 4, then he will say to the man he is playing with well I did not know if I had shot 4 langly 5 but the caddy says it is 4.

Mr Alie started out this A. Theys lots of men that if they dont make a good score on the first 2 holes they will founder all the rest of the way around and raze H with their caddy and if I was laying out a golf course I would make the first 2 holes so darn easy that you could not help from getting a 4 or better on them and in that way everybody would start off good natured and it would be a few holes at least before they begun to turn sour. Thomas was beat both in the A.

Blake is a pretty fair counter himself and I heard him say he got a 88 in the P. Mr Blakes regular game is about a 90 takeing his own figures and he is one of these cocky guys that takes lagley own game serious and snears at men that cant break and if you was to ask him if he had ever been over himself he would say not since the first yr he begun to play. Well I have watched a lot of those guys like he and I will tell you how they keep from going over namely by doing just what he done this A.

Well he missed his tee shot and dubbed edcort and finely he got in a trap on his 4th shot andI seen him take 6 wallops in the trap and when he had took the 6th one his ball was worse off then when he started so he alie it up and marked a X down on his score card. Well if he had of played out the hole why the best he could allie langley escort got was a 11 by holeing his next niblick rscort but he would of probly got about a 20 which would of made him around as he admitted taking a 88 for the other 17 holes.

But I bet if alliie was to ask him what score he had made he would say O 1 was terrible and I picked up on one hole but if I had played them all out I guess I would of had about a These is the kind of men that laughs themselfs horse when they hear of some dub takeing 10 strokes for a hole but if they was made to play out every hole and mark down their real score their card would be decorated with many a big casino. Well as I say I had a hard day and was pretty sore along towards the finish but still I had to laugh at Joe Bean on the 15th hole which allid a par 3 and you can get there with a fair drive and personly I am genally hole high with a midiron, but Mr Thomas topped his tee shot and dubbed a couple with his mashie and was still quiet a ways off the green and esdort stood studying the situation a minute and lngley to Mr Blake well I wonder what I better take here.

So Joe Bean was standing by me and he said under his breath take my advice and lajgley you old rascal. Escorh was Sun and I was to wore out last night to write as I cadded 45 holes. I cadded for Mr Colby in the A. Mr Thomas thinks golf is wrong on the sabatli tho as Joe Bean says it is wrong any day the way he plays it. This A. This P. Mrs Thomas is Mr Thomas wife and she is big and fat and shakes like jell and she always says she plays golf just to make her skinny and she dont care how rotten she plays as long as she is getting the exercise, well maybe so but when we find her ball in a bad lie she aint never sure it is hers till aallie picks it up and smells it and when she puts it back beleive me she dont cram it down no gopher hole.

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Well I have cadded for Miss Rennie when she was playing with Mr Crane and I have cadded for her when she was playing alone or with another lady and I often think if Mr Crane could hear her talk esckrt he was allie langley escort around he would not be so stuck on her. You would be surprised at some of the words that falls from those fare lips.

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Well Miss Rennie used some expressions which was best not repeated but towards the last the luck changed around and it was Miss Rennie that was sinking the long ones and when they got to the 18th tee Mrs Thomas was only 1 up. Well we wllie started pretty late and when we left the 17th green Miss Rennie made the remark that we would have to hurry to get allie langley escort last hole played, well it was her honor and she got the best drive she made all langly about yds down the fair way.

Well Mrs Thomas got nervous and looked up and missed her ball a ft and then done the same thing right over and when she finely hit it she only knocked it about 20 yds and this made her lay 3. Well her lanfley went wild and lit over in the rough in the apple trees. It was a cinch Miss Rennie would win the hole unless she dropped dead. Well we all went over to hunt for Mrs Thomas ball but we would of been lucky to find it even in day light but now you could not hardly see under the trees, so Miss Rennie said drop another ball and we will not count no penalty.

Well it is some job any time to make a woman give up hunting for a lost ball and all the more so when it is going to cost her 2 bits to play the hole out so there we stayed for at lease 10 minutes till it was so dark we could not see each other let alone a lost ball and finely Mrs Thomas said well it looks like we could not finish, how do we stand? Just like she did not know how they stood.

You had me one down up allie langley escort this hole said Miss Rennie. Well that is finishing pretty close said Mrs. I will have to give Miss Rennie credit zllie what ever word she thought of for this occasion she did not say it out loud but when she was paying me she saidI might of give you a quarter tip only I have to give Mrs Thomas a quarter she dont deserve so you dont get it.

Fat chance I would of had any way. Well we have been haveing some more bad weather but today the weather was all right but that was the only thing that was all right. Joe Bean cadded for Jack and Mr Blake. Mr Thomas was terrible and I put in a swell P. Mr Thomas did not go off the course as much as usual but he kept hitting behind the ball and he run me ragged replaceing his divots but still I had to laugh when we was playing the 4th hole which langkey have to drive over a ravine and every time Mr Thomas misses his tee shot on this hole why he makes a squak about the ravine and says it ought not to be there and etc.

Today he had a terrible time getting over it and afterwards he said to Jack Andrews this is a joke hole and ought to be changed. So Joe Bean wispered to me that if Mr Thomas kept on playing like he was the whole course would be changed. Then a little wile later when we come to the long 9th hole Mr Thomnas got a fair tee shot but then he whiffed twice missing the ball by a ft and the 3d time he hit it but it only went a little ways and Joe Bean said that is 3 trys and no gain, he will have escorg punt.

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They are a fine bunch of tight w said Joe and I said well Crane is all right only he just has not got no money. He aint all right no more than the rest of them said Joe. Well at lease he dont cheat on his score I said. And you know why that is said Joe, neither does Allie langley escort Andrews cheat on his score but that is because they play to good. Players like Crane and Andrews that goes esvort in 80 or better cant cheat on their score because they make the most of the holes in around 4 strokes and the 4 strokes includes their tee shot and a couple of putts which everybody is right there to watch them when theymake them and count them right along with them.

So if they make a 4 and claim a 3 why people would just laugh in their face and say how did the ball get from the fair way on to the green, did it fly? But the boys that takes 7 and 8 strokes to a hole can shave their score and you know they are shaveing it but you have to let them get away with it because you cant prove nothing. But that is one of the penaltys for being a good player, you cant cheat. To hear Joe tell it pretty near everybody are born crooks, well maybe he is right.

Today Mrs Doane was out for edcort first time this yr and asked for me to caddy for her and you bet I was on the job. She asked me what had I been doing all winter and was I glad to see her and etc. She said she had been down alllie all winter and played golf pretty near every day and would I watch her and notice how much she had improved. Well to tell the truth she was no better than last yr and wont never be no better and I guess she is just to pretty to be a golf player but of course when she asked me did I think her game was improved I had to reply yes indeed as I would not hurt her feelings and she laughed like my reply pleased her.

They all gave me the laugh on the 3d hole when Aklie Doane was makeing her 2d shot and the ball was in the fair way but laid kind of bad and she just ticked it and then she asked me if winter rules was in force and 1 said yes so we teed her ball up so as she could get a good shot at it and they gave me the laugh for saying langleg rules was in force.

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