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Follow live coverage as a violent mob breached the Capitol Building. Multiple officers were reported injured. In the near future, M. Caplice will be re-branded under the "McGowanPro" brand.


Rudy Giuliani is ready for a fight. A real, physical fight. As dor Republicans in Congress fairvoew to object to the Electoral College votes that proved President-elect Joe Biden's win, Giuliani suggested they duke out their election dispute another way: "trial by combat. Still, Trump's closest allies have spent the past two months spreading baseless allegations of fraud, looklng the point that it may have jeopardized Republican turnout in Tuesday's Georgia Senate runoff and cost the GOP its hold on the body.

A swath of those Trump supporters descended on D. Wednesday for a rally outside Congress, where Giuliani and other objectors repeated their lies to the crowd. Giuliani repeated false claims about voting machines in margied states that Biden won, insisting he see the machines that turned out "fraudulent" ballots they didn't. After all, Giuliani said he and Trump are both willing to "stake [our] reputation[s]" on finding fraud -- "if we're wrong, we will be made fools of," he added.

And if we're wrong, we will be made fools of. But if we're right, and lot of them will go fairciew jail. So -- let's have trial by combat" -- Giuliani pic. International experts from the World Health Organisation trying to investigate the origins of the coronavirus in China, a year after it first emerged in the central city of Wuhan, continue to run into roadblocks.

The delay for the WHO mission — already plagued by politics and posturing — adds to persistent worries that China will whitewash and frustrate the investigation. Indeed, a two-person WHO team on a three-week mission last August, aimed at laying out plans for further study, sat through a day quarantine upon arrival and never visited Wuhan. This comes bjgtxn Beijing engages in a relentless propaganda campaign to distract from its cover-up and rewrite the narrative — all aimed at claiming the coronavirus originated outside China.

Officials have seeded a of conspiracy theories, including blaming the US military for infecting China. The most recent theory flouted is to label imported frozen seafood as the culprit. Foreign minister Wang Yi has gone so far as to claim the virus emerged in many countries, and that China was simply the first to spot it. Mike Pence has remained one of the faieview constants in the often chaotic Trump administration. Balancing the ticketThroughout the past four years, the vice president has offered a striking contrast to the mwrried, abrasive temperament of fairiew fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn in chief.

In fact, one can trace three distinct conversion experiences in his biography. Kennedy and was a youth coordinator for the local Democratic Party in his teens. As a congressman inhe was the fairveiw to sponsor legislation defunding Planned Parenthood, and did so repeatedly until the first defunding bill passed in Inover the objections of many Republican faiirview representatives, he ed the most restrictive set of anti-abortion measures in the country into law, making him a conservative hero.

Among other things, the bill prevented women from terminating pregnancies for reasons including fetal disability such as Down syndrome. Although opponents succeeded in getting the bill overturned in the courts, Indiana is still seen as one of the most anti-abortion states in America. As vice president, Pence also cast the tie-breaking Senate vote to allow states to withhold federal family planning funds from Planned Parenthood in bigxn He likewise supported both state and federal constitutional amendments to ban same-sex marriage, and expressed disappointment at the Obergefell decision, which required all states to recognize such unions.

Under pressure from LGBTQ activists, liberals, business owners and moderate Republicans, Pence ed an amendment a week later stipulating ,arried it did not authorize discrimination. This article is republished from The Conversation, a nonprofit news site dedicated to sharing ideas from academic experts. Deborah Whitehead does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

Mitt Romney R-Utah put the blame for the chaos unfolding in the Capitol on Lookijg firmly on the shoulders of his Republican colleagues: "This is what you've gotten, guys," Romney was heard yelling as "mayhem unfolded in the Senate chamber, apparently addressing his colleagues who were leading the charge to press Mr. Trump's false claims of a stolen election," The New York Times reports. Protesters breached the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon, flooding the building and breaking into both chambers of Congress, sending lawmakers into terrified lockdowns.

Sheltering with some members of the press, Romney reportedly called over Jonathan Martin of the Times to make it known, "This is what the president has caused today, this insurrection. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, told The Associated Press he thinks the "glitches" in the United States' COVID vaccination program, which has moved more slowly fairvview anticipated, "have been worked out. That would mean President-elect Joe Biden's goal of hitting million vaccinations within in his first days in office is still a "very realistic, important, achievable goal.

Several experts expect the effort to pick up steam in lookihg days ;ark weeks ahead, including Nancy Messionier, the director bigxn the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.

Fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn

The leader of one of the country's most prominent U. Kansas has vaccinated fewest people per capita so far, South Dakota is on top. Stimulus payments may be delayed for as many as 14 million customers, the IRS and major tax prep software companies warned. At least one person was shot by police in the Capitol building Wednesday afternoon, according to multiple reports, after thousands descended on the hill following a "Stop the Steal" rally in which President Trump again claimed the election was stolen from him.

No violence! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D. Capitol Hill police moved to evacuate the Cannon House office building after the crowd overwhelmed police and broke through barriers. Flash bangs and tear gas were used on the crowd, with little effect. The crowd subsequently broke into the building as both the House and the Senate sessions to certify the election were forced into recess, and Pence was escorted out. Tear gas has been deployed inside the building, and members of Congress have been instructed to put on gas masks and are being evacuated.

USA demands the truth! Even when passions run high. We are a nation of laws. Read on for space-saving, clutter-clearing magicOriginally Appeared on Architectural Digest. Senate races on Tuesday could open the door to the more robust government spending response economists and others have argued is needed to get the country through the pandemic with as little long-term economic damage to companies and households as possible.

While in the Georgia contests are not yet official, rising U. It would be the first unified control by Democrats since President Barack Obama took office in Januaryand in short order could allow the new administration to move forward with a targeted spending bill to help local governments add hospital capacity, pay for frontline workers, reopen schools and administer vaccinations, according to Biden aides and congressional allies.

Mitch McConnell R-Ky. The European Union can no longer legally recognise Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country's legitimate head of state after he lost his position as head of parliament, the bloc's 27 governments said on Wednesday. Guaido is still seen by the United States and Britain as Venezuela's rightful leader following the disputed re-election of President Nicolas Maduro, and two EU diplomats stressed the EU still did not recognise Maduro as president.

An EU statement on Wednesday threatened further sanctions against the Maduro government, on top of an arms embargo and sanctions on Venezuelan officials already imposed, to decry what it views as rights violations and the rupture of democracy. Democrats could be poised to take control of the Senate following the Georgia runoffs — meaning a key challenge to ObamaCare may be moot, one expert notes. Democrat Raphael Fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn has been projected to defeat Sen.

Kelly Loeffler R-Ga.

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The latter race hasn't been called, but should Ossoff win, Democrats would gain control of the Senate, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris casting tie-breaking votes. The Trump administration and 18 red states have argued that Congress "rendered the law unconstitutional when it zeroed out the tax penalty for not buying insurance" inThe New York Times writes. Third, it could repeal the mandate — bigtn that might once have wrecked the ACA but that now would have little or no effect on the rest of the regulatory framework.

When the hour-hand reaches the second quarter or half-hour, then you hear two strokes bigtx the bell, youth apears and the organ plays a hymn. One minute later a chime of bells is heard, when a folding door opens in a lower porch and one at the right of the court, when fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn Saviour comes walking out, and one by one the Apostles come fairviww and him, as well as the three Marys.

Fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn

As the Apostles slowly pass the Savior they bow to him, with the exception of Peter, who turne slowly away; then the cock on the right flaps its wings and crows; Satan then appears above at a window on the left side, the figure of Justice raises her scales; Judas, as he advances, does not look upon the Savious because the devil follows immediately after him, staying long enough to see that Judas is all right, but appears six times at different places during the Apostles' march.

At the third quarter Time strikes three blows with her scythe and turns his hour-glass. Manhood then appears. As the hour-hand approaches the hour four bells are heard and the organ plays again a different tune. Two minutes after old age appears, Death strikes the hour with a bone on the skull, and one minute after the procession of the Apostles takes place. A truly wonderful piece of mechanicism which ranks as the eighth wonder of the world.

Yet with all due respect to a mechanical mind, there are other inventions which should be considered before placing the laurels upon the head of one man. This work shows careful study and a very ingenious mind, yet does all this time benefit mankind? Let us contrast another invention of about the same date, A young man invents a shoe that has features possessed by no other make. It is well made, perfect fitting, stylish and thoroughly up to date always. Forty odd years he continues to make and sell these goods, the : 8 millions of people who found ease and comfort by their use are benefitted.

These goods are as well made to-day as forty years ago. The high standard set then has been maintained; an enivable reputation. To make shoes does not require as much mechanical thought as it does to make a clock, but it taks sound judgment and business sagacity to conduct such a business. Therefore I claim that J. Lewis and his "Wear Resisters" should be awarded the palm. Horse goods of all kinds, repairing done.

I buy and sell new and second-hand goods, stoves ranges, furniture, etc. Big bargains, big satisfaction. Buys Oak and Hickory forrest and second growth. Have their chair factory, which is a substantial building and forty-six by one hundred and fifty feet, located on the C. Also have some very fine building lots for sale. Tan, willow, wine, chocolate, enameled or patent leather for men, women, misses and children, men's Kangaroo shoes, all grade of women's low shoes and all other shades of shoes kept in a first-class store.

All stock warranted. Call and get our prices. We will not be undersold. JOHN A. Wheels livery. Repairing a specialty. Warm meals, hot coffee and lunch at reasonable fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn. Call and see us. Office and residence nearly oposite M. Attention given to both general and special practice. Specialties, dieseases of women and children.

Ground floor gallery, one square south of Court House. Parlors over Yager Brothers, east side of Second street. Ladies desiring good fits should call. All work guaranteed. I have put in new machinery and am prepared to make as good flour as any mill in the state.

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Chst on hand bolted corn meal, rye and buckwheat flour and spring wheat flour. Mill feed of all kinds at lowest prices. Give me a trial. You will always find a good assortment and Rock Bottom Prices. Corner First and Monroe streets. Call on MRS. Second street. Professional dentist. Teeth extracted without pain. Especial attention given to bridge bigtxnn. Terms reasonable. Office, Second street, over Rosenthall's clothing store. Terveer's hardware store. Residence, Third street, first house north of Monroe.

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Gold and Silver Shirts. Trunks and Vaiises. IKE S. Those concerns which are the more prominent in Geneva's upbuilding are the first to receive consideration in a work of this character. One that we will notice is the Superior Oil Co. It is officered as follows: President, C. Collins, of Bradford, Pa. Leonard, Pittsburg, Pa. This company is composed of reliable and capable business men, who tly represent a large amount of capital. They are among the heaviest operators in mxrried Indiana oil field.

The vice president and resident manager of the concern is J. Hardison, who has lived here four years, and is one of the best posted oil men in this field. Collections receive prompt attention. We execute pension vouchers with the greatest care so that no delay to the pension occurs in lookingg the money on the same. Decendent estates a specialty. Porter, Cashier; A. Briggs, President; S.

Hale, Vice President. Mardied, W. Niblick, S. Hale, A. Briggs, Chas. Fine gold work a specialty. Opposite the post office. In the month of January my Mother was visiting me at my home in Decatur, Indiana. During her stay she said, Martha, under any circumstance never bury me in the Miller Cemetery, and if bogtxn lay out the new cemetery while I am living I will remove Papa and the Children there.

Little did I think that in less than three weeks it would be left to us to select a place two weeks from the next Sabbath. The news came Mother was found dead in her bed. How her words rang in my ears. Even now I see the hand that was raised to emphasize her words, "Never under any circumstance bury me in the Miller Bigtdn. Alberson said they would survey and lay out a cemetery if we would bury there, and as the sun was sinking in the West they were laid away, bringing Mother back the next day, and there they sleep side by side on the hill in site of our child-hood home.

It is done then, we stop to think, they lay in an open field, it is like making a home here seventy years ago, there is no fence, no nothing; and if we wait for the sale of lots to improve it it will be years. I have taken this plan to get money to fence it. I have asked the old people in Adams, Jay and Randolph Counties to write their histories and the business men to place an "ad" in this book to help financially.

By examining this book you will see marriwd they have responded. I take this opportunity to thank the business men for their aid and the pioneers for their promptness and kindness, I will bid you god speed. On the 15th day of February,Mr. The newly married pair resolved to go still farther on the frontier and hew out for themselves a home in the wilderness. So they gathered their household goods, and with several friends entered the wilds, soon striking the "Quaker Trace" leading from Richmond to Fort Wayne, which they followed until they reached the Wabash River.

This spot was their destination, and upon the fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn bank, near the water's edge, they prepared to "camp. A fire pwrk kindled at one end, by which the young wife cooked supper for her company—her first experience in house, or rather camp-keeping, by herself. Their simple repast was highly relished and soon dispatched, and they retired to rest, blankets spread upon the ground serving for beds.

Sleep had scarcely calmed the wearied company when they were aroused by the yells of a gang of approaching wolves. Elsewhere came an answering howl, then another and another, till the forests seemed ringing with their hideous yells. The howling became so terrific, the dog sprang out and threatened to give battle, but soon came bounding back, panic stricken, and jumped upon the nuptial bed.

As they lay there, so close to the bank, they could see about a dozen wolves at the water's edge on the opposite shore. Soon they heard the sharp, savage snap of : 46 wolf-teeth near their bed, and glaring eyes shone in the darkness within six feet of their camp. The men sprang from the ground in alarm, seized their rifles and fired.

The howling pack fled in haste and did not return. Again the men lay down, and soon "tired nature's sweet restorer" calmed their fears, and they slept soundly till morning—perhaps dreaming of the pleasant homes and dear friends of their childhood. Thus camped and slept the first white family that ever trod the wilderness which fifteen years afterward became Jay County. Soon Mr.

This cabin, the fist home of that now widely known pioneer family—a rude hut twelve by sixteen, of small round logs, with clapboard roof held on by "weight poles,"—was the first civilized dwelling ever erected in our county. Unbroken forests were on every hand; no house within fifteen miles—no mill or store in thirty-five. Their only companions were Indians—their only foes were wolves.

These animals, always annoying by their constant howling, were often very troublesome. It was next to impossible to raise stock of any kind. Once a wolf came up to the house in open daylight, to attack a calf, when Mrs. At other times they were still bolder. One night a pack attacked the hogs. They seemed bent on an attack, and the entreaties of his wife prevailed on him to go into the house.

Studabaker obtained a livelihod in various ways—principally by hunting. His delight was to be in the wilderness, beyond the reach of society and its innovations. He loved the quiet grandeur of the forest, and the excitement of hunting deer, squirrels, otters, wild ducks, wolves and bears, possessed to him irresistible charms. The game he killed furnished meat for his table in abundance, and of the rarest kind.

But they had other sources of income. Even at that early day many travelers passed along the "Quaker Trace," and they all stopped to enjoy the hospitality of these pioneers. In fact, at that time it was rather a matter of necessity, as the distance in either direction to any other house was a day's travel. An incident of this kind is worth relating. In the fall ofMr. Easily and rapidly they glided down the smooth waters of the Wabash. In the afternoon of the second day they came in sight of the town.

They soon saw that the Indians were on a desperate "spree," and were dancing, singing, yelling and fighting. They wisely concluded it would not be safe to visit the town that night; so they rowed up the river a short distance, anchored their canoe, went ashore and camped for the night. The next day they went down towards the town. Robinson staid with the canoe, while Studabaker went to negotiate a sale of the flour.

The first Indian he met was a squaw, named "Big Knife," with whom he was well acquainted. She told him they had had a terrible time the night before, and that in the fighting several Indians had been killed, and that they were then all in their huts, sleeping off the effects of their revelry. He inquired if any of the men were sober.

She replied that one was, and offered to conduct him to the hut where that Indian slept. On their way through the village, which seemed almost deserted, they passed by a young Indian who was lying with his stomach ripped open, and part of his entrails lying upon the ground, but still alive. They went and aroused the sober Indian, who, after much painting and ornamenting, went with Mr. Studabaker to the canoe. On their way they passed the wounded Indian.

A squaw was sitting by his side, weeping, replacing the entrails, and with an awl and deer's sinew was sewing up the horrible wound. The Indian looked at the flour, and pointing to the sun and the western sky, said that when the sun reached such a place the Indians would get hungry and come and buy. At the appointed time this sober Indian came down to the canoe, followed by the others, each of whom purchased a small quantity of flour.

Our adventurers then returned, occupying about three days in their up-stream rowing. Thus the family endured very many severe hardships during their stay at this point on the Wabash. So the first families who settled in each section of the county endured privatations and trials which would have overwhelmed others less patient, energetic and brave. To the comfortably situated residents at the present time : 48 these trials seem almost incredible.

Here is a leaf from the life of Mary Studabaker:. Late in the autumn ofthe Indians, as they were sometimes in the habit of doing, stole two colts—one from Mr. Studabaker, and one from his brother-in-law, John Simison. In the early part of winter Simison came to Studabaker's, and the two men set out for Wapakoneta, Ohio, in search of the colts among the Indians of that country. Before leaving, Mr. Studabaker hired a boy from the settlement to stay with his wife, who then had a babe only three months old, to cut the wood and build fires.

The men had been gone scarcely an hour when this boy proved treacherous, and left Mrs. Studabaker and her child entirely alone. This placed her in an alarming situation. Her husband expected to be absent nearly a week; the weather was very cold, and she had no wood and but little strength. She was fifteen miles from any neighbors, in a wilderness full of roving gangs of Indians and wolves. The prospect was a dreary one. She saw her dangerous situation, and with heroic fortitude resolved to do her utmost to save herself and.

She devoted herself assiduously to chopping wood and building fires. Quite naturally she sought the kinds of wood which would chop the easiest, and sometimes cut "buckeye," the poorest of all wood. This made it difficult to keep good fires; but she managed to get along without suffering much, except from lonliness, until the fifth day, when the weather turned extremely cold.

All this time had passed, and she had not seen a human fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn. Even the sight of an Indian would have gladdened her heart. This day she built a fire, but it would not burn. She chopped more wood and piled the great fire-place full; but all in vain. To use her own words, "It seemed to be, as it is said to be in Greenland sometimes, too cold for the fire to burn.

Here they must lie until assistance came, or freeze to death! But the kind care of an ever-watchful Father in Heaven was upon her. In about two hurs Mr.

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Studabaker came home, bringing the stolen colt. He soon built a large, comfortable, crackling fire. How great was her joy at this very opportune rescue! Studabaker gives the following of the survey of this part of Indiana by the government surveyors. In the winter of and James Worthington, of Columbus, Ohio, son of Governor Worthington, accompanied by nine assistants, came to Mr. Studabaker's, and made their home with him during the three months occupied in making the survey.

Having two sets of instruments, they operated in two distinct companies, and : 49 surveyed the territory now making the counties of Jay, Adams and Wells. They gave Mr. Studabaker a plat of their survey, which was very useful to the early settlers for many years. It is quite likely the work of the government surveyors.

The first person born in Jay Fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn was Abram Studabaker. He was born in the little cabin on the Wabash, September 29th,of the wilderness-the first born of the family and of the county. His life was but a blossom, having died March 11th,at Fort Recovery. Another son was afterward given the same name.

County and state information

Studabaker moved to the Wabash with the intention of making that his permanent home; but the frequent overflows of the river at that time discouraged him, and finally led him to move away. One evening in the spring of several travelers stopped to stay all night. The Wabash was quite high, but not unusually so.

Studabaker made a bed on the floor, in which the travelers retired to rest. In the night, one of them thought he felt rather "moist," and on turning over found the puncheons were floating. They got up; one went up in the "loft," and the other concluded to nap the rest of the night away on the logs of wood by the fire place. But the family, being more fortunate, were on a bedstead, and slept there until morning, when they found all the puncheons except the two on which the bedposts rested, floating about the room.

Studabaker waded out and brought his canoe into the house, and took his family to dry land in the woods, where they camped until the water went down, which was in four or five days. In this way the Wabash overflowd the land about his cabin, and he moved back to Fort Recovery, having lived in Jay County about two years.

Fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn Studabaker has been a pioneer all her life. She was born March 16th, in Sherman Valley, Penn. At the age of two years her father, John Simison, moved to Kentucky and settled within six miles of Lexington. Residing there six years, they moved to Warren County, Ohio. After living there ten or twelve years, they moved to Greenville, and from there, in the spring ofto Fort Recovery.

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There was not a single family living in the region of the Upper Wabash. They were the first pioneers of Fort Recovery—that place so celebrated in history as the scene of St. Clair's defeat, and Mary was afterward of Jay, : 50 and still later of the south part of Adams County. There was a trading house then at Fort Recovery, built by David Connor. It was about twelve feet square, and surrounded by pickets—logs set in the ground reaching about eight feet high—as a protection against the Indians.

Into this house John Simison and family moved. Simison farmed the ground upon which the town is now built, while his boys did the hunting. He raised most of the living for the family, but had to go to Greenville to find a store and mill. He had a hand mill, and sometimes ground on that. It was while living here that the Treaty was made with the Indians, October 6th, Perrine, of Greenville, attended that meeting.

Starting in the morning, on foot, he expected to reach Simison's that evening; but night overtook him while he was in what is now Madison Township. Finding he must camp out, he was much alarmed lest the wolves should devour him. Coming upon a much-broken tree-top, he set about building a camp that would protect him. Out of the broken limbs he built a very small, oval-shaped pen, leaving a hole at the bottom. Into this he crept, and drew a stick, prepared for the purpose, into the hole after him, thus effectually blocking all entrance.

Curling up there, he slept soundly. Some time after this Thomas Robinson settled beside Mr. Simison—then soon moved to Adams County. But sorrow was in store for this family. Simison died in September,and on the last day of that ever-memorable year, she was followed by her husband. His burial took place on New Year's day, Thomas Robinson and Peter Studabaker happened bigtxh be there at the time of his death, and making a rough box which had to answer for a coffin, they fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn their pioneer friend.

But for the fortunate presence of fir men, none beside the mourning orphans would have been there to perform the last sad offices for the lamented dead. In a few weeks Mary was married, and entered upon her brief life of trials in Jay County. After moving back to Fort Reabout twelve years, when he moved to Adams County, where he died June 15th, He was born in O,—in Moreland County, Pennsylvania.

Mary now lives with her son Abram, in Adams County, Indiana, in a log house, with one of those great old-fashioned cabin fire places, which so abundantly dispense warmth and cheerfulness to the inmates. It is about sixty feet lookimg the river, upon the banks of which she has lived since her childhood days, nearly half a century.

By the side of its quiet waters she was wooed and won, and has devotedly braved many dangers, reared firview large family, and followed her husband and : 51 several children to the silent tomb. She is now seventy-four years of age, and though in feeble health, her mind still retains its original vigor. Strong common sense, quick perception and good judgment are her characteristics.

Indeed, without these qualities, she could not have passed through so rugged and eventful a life. Her son, Hon. David Studabaker, has resided for many years in Decatur, Indiana, where he has been, and still is, a prominent attorney. He has represented that county in the Legislature of the State, and was for four years the State Senator from that district composed of the counties of Jay, Adams and Wells, in which position he sustained himself with credit. Jesse Niblick, one of Decatur's early settlers and honest, respected and honorable influential citizens has passed away.

His death occurred Sunday night near the midnight hour, and many were the words of sympathy and regret, when the announcement grew into circulation at an early hour Monday morning, October 6th, He had been ailing for several weeks, yet his confinement to his home was less than a week, and while many of his friends and acquaintances knew he was sick, yet they were unprepared for the shock, which accompanied the announcement of his death.

He had been a pillar in the foundation of so many creditable business enterprises, and loojing leader in all these since the matried of the county and city, that it's but little wonder that he was known, loved, honored, respected and admired by every man, woman and. But death is no respector of persons, so we will simply abide its decisions fairviiew console ourselves by trying to emulate his many virtues.

The deceased was born in Carroll County, Ohio, although his father was a native of Ireland. Cnat parents located in Adams County in dhat, at which time Jesse was ten years of age. This date takes us back to the time when Adams County was a dense and unbroken wilderness, which has now been transformed into a region of thrift and prosperity, by the untiring zeal and energy of such enterprising citizens as Mr. He has seen the trails of the trapers and hunters give place for railro and vehicles, the cabins and garden patches succeeded by comfortable houses and board fields of waiving grain, the additions of churches, school houses, and every other conceivable institution : [] [Figure] JESSE NIBLICK.

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In Mr. Niblick engaged in the boot and shoe business, being then twenty years old. This business he was engaged in untilhaving been more than successful in building up trade and a reputation of honesty, that has been beneficial to him in various ways ever since. That reputation has been worth more to him than all the gold in the universe. In these later years it no doubt has been a source of satisfaction and gratification to him to know, that after a life time devoted exclusively to business and its various competition, he is marrieed to extend the right hand of fellowship to all those whom he has come in contact with, all these years.

Later it was organized under the state laws, and Mr. Niblick became a director and its first president. He was still a director in the bank at the time of his death. This bank is also identified as one of the most solid and prominent banking houses in the state. Thus it will be seen that every business enterprise in which Mr. Niblick was engaged, prospered and thrived, much of this thrift being due to the excellent business judgment and ideas advanced by Mr.

Politically the deceased always cast his suffrage with the Democratic fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn, being at all times one of the chief promoters and organizers. In he was elected trustee of Washington Township, and from he very efficiently filled the office of County Treasurer. He was always enthusiastic in his support of the party, at the same time respecting in the greatest degree the opinions of his friends and others who chose to dier with him in political preferment.

He was also a public spirited citizen, and always devoted time, aid, money and advice to any movement or project that had a tendency towards advancing the progression of this city and county, to both of which he was very devotedly attached. In he was married to his present bereaved widow. Her maiden name was Catharine Closs, a native of Germany. Their lives together have been one continued line of sunshine and devotional happiness, which had much to do with the kind-hearted manifestations on every demanded occasion, by the deceased.

In her present breavement Mrs. Niblick is ed by seven children, one having already passed into that world on high, William Niblick, president, and Charles, assistant cashier of the Old Adams County Bank; John, James K. To him they have come with many preplexities which he has gladly solved. Now they will have to profit by the dictates of paark past life, which is a worth example to follow and fairvieq. The funeral services were conducted yesterday morning.

As a mark of respect to the deceased every business house in the city was closed during the services, and people from all over the county came in to pay him homage. It was perhaps the largest gathering of people ever assembled to pay their last respects to the ;ark. And they were all friends; friends pwrk whom the deceased had been associated for years.

They knew him and they loved him. It was a fitting tribute to a long life of usefulness and honor. The pall-bearers who, conveyed the remains to its last resting place was composed of R. He was born August 12th, ; died October 6th,being aged sixty-nine years, one month and twenty-four days. Funeral services were held at the St. Mary's Catholic church, and that large structural auditorium would not hold half the sympathizing friends who sought admission.

Interment in the St. Joseph cemetery. I will give briefly the joys and sorrows that were and is now experienced in youth and old age. I am a native of America, and proud of it. The oldest son of James B. The father a native of North Carolina, the mother a native of Tennessee. Their marriage occurred in March, Five children were born to them, two boys and three girls, the subject herself and Andrew Jackson, Victoria, Mary Brady, and Elizabeth.

Victoria, now Mrs. Hillwho resides kooking Decatur, was born in Tennessee in Andrew Jackson was born in Columbia City, Ind. He learned the printing trade and was working in the printing office when he concluded that it would be better to fight for his country, in the late rebellion, than setting type, and enlisted in the 13th Indiana Cavalry as an orderly, but soon received a lieutenant's commission. He contracted consumption and died on board a gunboat on the Mississippi River.

Mary Brady was born lokking Decatur, and at present lives in Chicago. Sister Elizabeth was born in Decatur, and marriec early in life. There are only three of the family living. We were all raised in Decatur. My father and family left Tennessee for the north in the year oflanding in Richmond, Ind. Father was a physician and had some practice : 56 among the Indians and the few whites, until he was selected and elected sheriff and served one term. In the spring of he concluded to move to Adams County, getting there with many difficulties.

He settled in Decatur, Ind. In the year he was chosen and elected Treasurer of Adams County and served two terms. In the year his wife my mother died. The following year he moved with his children to Cincinnati. The object was to school them and attend law school himself. After father graduated in law at the Cincinnati Law College, he, with his family, returned to Decatur, he having married in the meantime an estimable widow lady who resided near Decatur, with four children, who is now dead; also, three of the four children.

One survives them all, Mrs. Mary Eley, now residing in Decatur. In the yearfather was elected County Clerk and served two terms or eight years. In marred year he left Adams County and emigrated to California. There he met with business reverses and disappointments, and soon returned to his old home, Decatur, and remained with us untilwhen he left us and returned to his native state, North Carolina: from there to Tennessee.

He made that his home until his death at the age of nearly 80 years, and was buried on his own plantation in Jackson County, Tennessee. To write a history of a fellow's own life is a pretty hard task, as there are so many thoughts, all conglomerated. Yet I will pen those that will be interesting par myself and family and a few others who may scan this that will recollect the transactions. A full history of my career, either private or public, would be a novel therefore I shall not enumerate all the events of my life.

The first distinct recollection of this turbulent world was when I wore a little red cape and shoes and scarlet dress. Red seemed to be the color of the southern people. Yet I did not eminate from Great Britain ffairview. The next recollection was when I saw the first Indian, which I feared then, and even now. I remember my mother breaking flax and spinning it, the tow pants I wore, the knit suspenders, the red top boots; and I'll never forget the willow switch she wielded on my tow covered back for my unfaithfulness.

The many times I accompanied mother to the huckle and cranberry patches, where now stands the best business bigtsn of Columbia City. I well remember the log cuttings and rollings there, the majority of the help being Indians. On these occasions there were no jangling, fighting or getting drunk, as I have witnessed in later days among those that were considered civilized : 57 christians.

The first school I ever attended was in an old log house marred Columbia City. The school was taught by James H. Smith, known as "Dandy Jim. The next important recollection I have of this mundane sphere was when we were on our road moving to Decatur from Columbia City. We stayed all night at Fort Wayne. I discovered a crowd of boys and men on the street, listening to the music of the fife and drum.

I went to the crowd, and bgtxn not been there but a few minutes when I was surrounded by a crowd of boys. I seemed to be a curiosity, and I concluded at once that I would soon have to fight or run, and it was for life or a licking. I concluded to run—I run.

Indianapolis journal, volume 53, ,indianapolis, marion county, 12 july — 3

The camping out on the road to Decatur was Gypsy like, but we were compelled to do so, and were several days on the road before we reached our destination, where we landed about noon, and anchored on the lot now the southeast corner of Third and Monroe streets. We remained there until we moved to the jail house, I mean the sheriff's residence. My acquaintance with the populace of our adopted town grew rapidly, especially with the boys and girls of the village.

The first boy I became acquainted with was DeWitt C. Rugg, a youth near my own age. My mother sent to a well near by for a bucket of water. There I met young Rugg holding a large gourd dipper. He remarked to me: "Say, fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn, how would you like to be baptized? I concluded I was about drowned.

When I recovered from the shock an engagement ensued with fists, stones and clubs. When the smoke of the battle had cleared away, we discovered our faces were bloody and scratched. My new calico vest was in shreds. I found also a knot on my cranium, made by a blow from the old gourd dipper. Of course the dipper was ruined. That scrap made us fast friends unto manhood.

Another little incident occurred when I was a sprightly youth. The Smith, alias "Dandy Jim," referred to above, was teaching school. All the village youngsters attended said school, including myself and one Susanah McLeod, that was my spouse, and of course I paid my honors to her during school hours. We would write small thumb paper letters and pass them to each other.

The teacher secured one of the cupid letters. He called me upon the floor, also the young damsel in question, and related to us that our courtship had went on long enough, and we must be married. He ordered us to catch hands, which was done with fear and trembling. The said "Dandy Jim" went through a pow-wow and pronounced us man and wife. The school generally concluded that we were married in fact. The grown brothers of my Susanah were awaiting the coming of the mob, and at last they reached the home of the girl, when the brothers used their whips to a good purpose, and some of the boys remembers well the time yet, as they did not attend school next day.

That act of the teacher caused the school to dwindle away, and he had to hunt other quarters.

Fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn

Whether the person, Susanah, is living I cannot say. The following occurrence will be remembered by some of the readers of this sketch. About the time the declaration of war was made against Mexico perhaps one Andrew Lucky, a young single man, was teaching school in the Court House in Decatur. Of course all the village children attended. The history class was out on the floor in line, reciting, when a knock was heard at the door. The teacher responded by opening the door. There stood before him and the school his best friend and chum, Joseph Reynolds, and a recruiting officer in his military clothes.

They invited Mr. Luckey, our teacher, to volunteer. Reynolds remarked he would volunteer also. Without hesitating a moment both subscribed their names and was sworn in, in the presence of the school. He dismissed the school, and bidding the scholars a good-bye, with tears rolling down his manly cheeks. That teacher's good-bye still rings in my ears, for it was the last god-bye he ever proclaimed to us.

The two brave and patriotic young men never returned; they fell victims to disease on the Gulf of Mexico and were buried in its waters. Somewhere about the year the court docket will show that a most horrible murder was committed in Decatur, it being the most outrageous act ever committed in the county up to that time, and was a great sensation among the pioneers. A young gentleman for such he was and, by the way, a prosperous merchant in our village by the name of Hugh Muldoon, with no bad habits, was courting and paying his attentions to a Miss Mary Foetick, who was living with her parents.

She was a beutiful young lady and accomplished. John Foetick, a brother of the said Mary, seriously objected to their wooing. Soon the young couple were engaged to be married, the day fixed and arrived. The invited guests were on hand. The said brother, John, heard what was going to transpire. He approached Mr. Muldoon, the intended groom, and frankly told him if he Muldoon attempted to marry his sister Mary, he would kill him. Muldoon paid no attention to the threat.

The party was in waiting for more guests to arrive at her parents' home. At last the fatal moment : 59 came. The pastor asked the young people to stand and hands. As they arose and ed hands before those good, honest, unsuspecting friends and neighbors of the village, the cowardly assassin rushed in the room and pulling a single-barreled pistol, stuck the gun to the breast of the defenceless man and fired, the ball penetrating the breast.

The murdered man sprang upon young Fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn and weighed him down to the floor with a death grip about his neck and would have choked him to death in a moment had not Jacob King and my father interfered and took Muldooon off.

The murdered man raised to his feet and sprang through a window. He fairview park married chat looking for bigtxn across the lot, striking a fence and fell dead. It was supposed he was unconscious the moment he was shot. Foetick gave himself up to the sheriff, was imprisoned and tried by a jury of pioneers of Adams County, and set at liberty. Foetick left the country and never returned but once since.

You can imagine, dear reader, what jolly times us little ones had away back half a century ago at Christmas and New Year time going from house to house and scaling logs, dodging under brush and bushes, that stood in our paths. Our mothers were as jubilant as the children those days. The cakes, pies and krulls were baked and served to those who called to pass the Christmas or New Years greeting.

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