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The following is a list of characters featured in the Canadian television series Trailer Park Boys. Julian "Jules" played by John Paul Tremblay monvton the eldest primary character in the series.


However, in Season 2 he uses a cane to walk around without arousing suspicion. Ray is eventually exposed and imprisoned in Season 5 after Lahey finds a video of him getting out of his wheelchair. While in a wheelchair he constantly refers monctob himself as "the guy in the chair". From his truck-driving years he has acquired the habit of urinating in jugs, which he leaves around the trailer park.

Like Lahey, Ray is an alcoholic, but malle willing to go greater depths to obtain alcohol. For example, he agreed to star in one of J-Roc's porn films in exchange for liquor, although he passed out from drinking the bottle before the film was shot. At one point, Ray ripped the plumbing out of his own trailer to sell as scrap in order to get money for more alcohol.

Ray claims to be a Calvinistalthough his understanding of Calvinism and of Male prostitutes moncton in general is quite limited; the main appeal of Calvinism is the concept of predestinationwhich he misinterprets to mean that he need not for his irresponsible actions.

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Ray also often refers to the Bible in an attempt to guilt others into helping him. He is addicted to gambling, especially playing video lottery terminals. Up until Season 5, Ray had his own trailer on a year mortgage that he had finally paid off. However, it burned down after Ricky left the stove on. Ray lives in his old sleeper cabin until his eviction from Sunnyvale in Season 6, at which point he relocates with the sleeper cabin to a local dump yard.

After Lahey was reinstated as a police prostitutss at the end of Season 6, Ray was allowed to return to Sunnyvale and was given Lahey's former position of trailer park supervisor, although he was negligent of his duties. In season 7, in exchange for helping Lahey frame officers Green and Johnson for police brutality as revenge for trying to kill him, Ray has his DUI records erased and is able to his old job as a truck driver. However, this is short lived as Joncton is arrested in Maine after trying to solicit an undercover cop while running scrap metal with Male prostitutes moncton.

He usually brushes off bad situations with "the way she goes" and "it's the way of the road".

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In Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It Ray seemingly male prostitutes moncton as the result of an explosion at the dump where he lived, but it prositutes later revealed that he performed a life-insurance fraud scam and is actually alive and living in a Florida dump. Like Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, Ray's surname was never spoken on-screen.

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While it has not yet been confirmed at what point in his life he made this change, we can assume that it was made after Ricky was born due to an argument, in the twelfth season, between Ricky and his girlfriend, Susan, where she calls him "Ricky LaFleur. Jacob Collins played by Jacob Rolfe is a young man who often works at a convenience store, a hardware store, and other minimum wage jobs to make even.

For most of the early seasons, Jacob's appearances revolve around being robbed by Cory and Trevor, or Ricky, and being fired as a result. In the seventh season, Jacob is revealed to be the son of Philadelphia Collins, and takes a more active role in the show, and eventually acts as a replacement for Trevor while working with Cory.

Jacob idolizes Julian, going so far as to mimic his appearance and mannerisms throughout Season 7. During this time, after Cory and Trevor were committed to a mental hospital, the Boys recruit Jacob and a couple of his classmates to help them on a marijuana smuggling scheme in league with Sebastian Bach. In a manner similar to Julian, Jacob takes a leadership role within his own posse. In the eighth season, Jacob takes the place of Trevor since Cory's arrival back at Sunnyvale.

Jacob works for Julian while Cory works for Ricky, but they both work together on the same projects despite working for two different people. Jacob is the father of Trinity's son; Mo, whom she wanted to name Ray but Jacob messed up the birth certificate so that the name is listed as "The Motel". At the end of the tenth season, he marries Trinity in a male prostitutes moncton.

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In the eleventh season, he gets an allergic reaction to Ricky's dog which causes him to lose his hair for a short period of time. She was married to the park's supervisor Jim Lahey until she divorced him after being embarrassed at his alcohol addiction. Initially, Barb lived outside of the park in a proper home. But due to financial hardships, her home was foreclosed on and she had to move into the park supervisor's trailer just after Ricky lost the job to Jim in a wrestling match.

Despite being divorced throughout the series, Barb and Jim are still on fairly good terms throughout the series, and still harbor feelings for each other. She is also on good terms with the Boys, and usually tolerates their activities within the park, provided they pay their lot fees. Barb dates Sam Losco in the second season, but breaks up with him after discovering his involvement in one of J-Roc's porn films.

Barb becomes a full-time resident of Sunnyvale in the fourth season, after financial troubles force her to sell her house. She and Jim have a daughter named Treena. Barb is considered to be rather promiscuous and had once proposed marriage to Ricky, prior to the latter being sent to jail at the end of the fourth season. Barb had gotten back with Jim in the seventh season, but later ran off with Sam Losco towards the end of the season.

Shelley Thompson first appeared as the officiant of Ricky and Lucy's disrupted wedding at the end of the first season, though she was not identified as Barbara Lahey. Tyrone played by Tyrone Parsons or "T"as he prefers to be called, born Tylerle a gang called the "Roc-Pile", which is responsible for some of the criminal activity in the park. J-Roc and the Roc-Pile often help Ricky and Julian with their money-making schemes, usually by acting as their fence or providing them with extra manpower unless it involves gunfights, at which point they refuse to partake.

T often tags along with J-Roc in whatever scheme he is involved in, but will frequently berate him for his antics. During the sixth and seventh season, J-Roc and T father children with two different women and, unable to tell whose child is whose, they agree to raise them together as "co-daddies". After the series was relaunched on Netflix with the eight season, J-Roc's and T's children were not seen again, and their current whereabouts remained unknown.

In the first episode of the eleventh season around 14 minutes into the episodeit is revealed that T is seen managing a cell phone business and is now successful. DVS proceeds to crash J-Roc's rap concert at the trailer park and threaten him, but later has a change of heart. He does not hail from Detroitas his name would imply, but rather from Moncton, New Brunswick.

Ricky often refers to him as "DVD". Seems to have been killed off some time after season 5 when his character is no longer seen or mentioned againas during "Say Goodnight to The Bad Guys" members of the Roc-Pile are seen wearing shirts that say "RIP DVS" when talking to Randy and Julian about the single's dance. J-Roc played by Jonathan Torrensreal name Jamieis a white rapper who perpetuates black stereotypes in his speech and mannerisms.

He honestly believes that he is black, and severely detests being called "Jamie". In the third season episode: "Who's the Microphone Assassin? Detroit Velvet Smooth chastises him for imitating his rap, and questions his black identity. He speaks in caricatured Black Vernacular English and very frequently uses the phrase "You know what I'm saying? J-Roc is a close friend of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, and is quite friendly and good-natured. In addition to his musical aspirations, J-Roc, along with his best friend and partner Tyrone or "T"as he prefers to be called lead a gang called the "Roc-Pile", which is responsible for some of the criminal activity in the park.

J-Roc also has several criminal contacts and often provides the lucrative opportunities that the Boys seek. As a result, J-Roc puts his rap career on hold to focus on being a parent, although he does continue his criminal activities. However, beginning in the ninth season, J-Roc raises another illegitimate son of his, a mixed race boy who often acts disrespectful towards his father due to him being white.

In the first episode of the eleventh season around 14 minutes into the episodeit is revealed that J-Roc and his son have taken off to live somewhere else, and T is seen managing a cell phone business and is now successful. Initially a veterinarianSam loses his medical licence after helping Ricky fix a bullet wound, as veterinarians are not supposed to operate on humans. He loses to Jim Lahey after Julian slips hallucinogenic mushrooms into his food before his campaign speech.

He later attempts to marry Barb Lahey in a plot to gain partial ownership of the trailer park. Sam's efforts are foiled by Julian, who tricks him into starring in one of J-Roc's porn films that is passed on to Barb. Sam attempts to kill J-Roc and Julian as revenge, but is arrested by the police. In Season 4, Sam is able to restart his veterinary practice on probation and Bubbles often brings his kitties to him for their checkups.

Despite his hatred of the Boys, he will frequently, albeit reluctantly, help the duo under coercion. His favourite food seems to be greasy hot dogs, and several characters have insultingly called him a "caveman" for his general resemblance to a stereotypical Neanderthal; Sam will become hostile male prostitutes moncton this happens.

In Season 6 Sam has apparently lost his veterinary practice again and works at East Coast Paving, until he is fired after a prank-call from Ricky. In season 6's final episode, he kidnaps Randy at gunpoint, believing he had caused him to lose the paving-company job. In season 7, he sends secret-admirer love letters to Barb Lahey; in episode 7 he reveals himself as her secret admirer and she leaves Jim to elope with Sam.

In the season finale, Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys, Sam robs Julian's DeLoreanwhich contained all the money they had earned in season 7's train-smuggling operation; the police pull him over and confiscate the money. In season 8, Sam rides around with Cyrus and assists him with his unsuccessful plans to buy out the trailer park. In season 9, Sam is homeless and living in a cave. This completes the metamorphosis of Sam actually being a caveman.

He is soon discovered to be the "samsquanch" that Bubbles and Ricky ended up tracking down. At the end of the season finale, Sam is shot with a tranquilizer gun by forest rangers and taken away in a pickup truck presumably to be studied. However, in Season 10 he becomes fairly wealthy, waving off crime from a promise he made after his mother died, inherits money, and owns a Dentist's building called "The Denture King" which the boys rob as well.

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Trinity Collins played by Jeanna Harrison-Steinhart is Lucy's daughter by Ricky, although there are occasional hints throughout the series that Julian is her biological father. She is beloved by both men; Ricky in particular prostitutws proven willing to do almost anything for her. Portrayed as a sweet grade-schooler in the first season, Trinity becomes less innocent and more troublesome as the series progresses. Prostitktes Ricky's frequent absences from Trinity's life, they manage to maintain a loving father-daughter relationship.

In the eight season, she first informs Julian that she is pregnant withit is later revealed that malle father is Jacob Collins. In the tenth season, she marries Jacob Collins in a hospital emergency room where Ricky lies in a coma. Born in Nova Scotia, Jeanna started acting on the show at 6 years old, and has been doing it since After the show's Season 8 revival, Trinity has a larger role in the show.

George Green played by George Green is the local police officer most often dispatched to deal with Ricky and Julian, who easily mal him; he very rarely makes a successful police raid and hustles somebody off to jail. In Season 6, it is revealed that he was Lahey's partner in the s and he was the one who found Lahey covered with liquor after a fight with the boys, forcing him to re from the force.

The Boys and Lahey frequently describe Green as a "stupid or dumb cop", but the reason they fool him so easily is that because of his history with Lahey, he can't believe anything Lahey says, and chooses to believe Ricky, Julian, or whoever else male prostitutes moncton Lahey as the source of the problem. In season 7, Green and Ted Johnson attempt to murder Lahey who was reinstated as a police officer after he declines to file a search warrant that would have implicated J-Roc and Julian for stealing luggage at the airport.

They also attempt to murder Randy and Phil Collins after they witnessed the event. With the help of Ray and the Boys, Lahey frames them for police brutality and they are dismissed and incarcerated for five years. In season 8, Green is seen out of jail, working as Head of Security at the local mall, and living with Lucy. Unknown to the Boys and Lahey, Green was reinstated and tasked with surveilling the park for illegal activity - basically performing Lahey's role of the seven seasons.

In season 11, he has been named Chief of Police, but ends the season arrested for corruption by an investigation masterminded by Ted Johnson. By Season 12, Green is out of jail but has lost everything.

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Coaxed by Randy, Lahey reluctantly hires him as an assistant trailer park supervisor, male prostitutes moncton Green uses his position to investigate Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles for their criminal activities. Lahey eventually fires him due to his abusive treatment of Randy. He is a bully and criminal who enjoys waving his Beretta 92 around to terrorize the trailer-park residents. He is introduced in the series premiere, in which he has assumed control of the park by threatening to shoot anyone who opposes him.

Julian later drives him from the park, exposing him as a coward. Like Ricky, Cyrus is a high-school dropout. In Season 2 he attempts to get his Grade 10 along with Ricky, but fails after he is caught and exposed by Ricky using Jacob to cheat on the exam. Cyrus attempts to kill Ricky as revenge, but is arrested by the police. Cyrus drives a red Corvettewhich he proudly keeps in pristine condition, although the Boys vandalize it in Season 4.

In Season 5, he partners with Ricky's childhood friends Terry and Dennis in Season 5 to grow and sell hash, but the Boys steal it. Cyrus, along with Terry and Dennis, is arrested after a gunfight ensued in a failed attempt to get the hash back. Lahey and Randy bail the trio out in a last-ditch attempt to kill Bubbles, Julian and Ricky. After a massive gunfight in the trailer park, Cyrus is seemingly jailed for good. He re-appears in the final special "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys"; after attempting to steal money and dope from the boys, he is sent back to jail for violating his probation.

In Season 8, he teams up with Sam Losco in an unsuccessful attempt to buy out the trailer park. Cyrus reappears in Season 9 when Julian rebuffs his request to get back his collection of porn films at a rundown motel converted into a storage facility that Julian purchased; Cyrus is later framed for burning down the motel and is once again imprisoned. Cyrus' main character trait is his tendency to end every conversation or confrontation with the same line: "Fuck off, I got work to do.

His speech patterns, patois, and overall style are most similar to Andrew Dice Clay minus the sense of humorhowever, the Boys mention they thought he was ripping off the style of Fonzie. Ted Johnson played by Jim Swansburg is the detective officer who arrested Ricky LaFleur at his wedding to Lucy in the last episode of the first season.

He returns in the fifth season as George Green's replacement, and in the sixth season as an officer along with Green, then back to being a patrol officer. In the sixth season, it is revealed that he is gay and he becomes involved with Randymonctoon their relationship apparently ends in the season finale after his disappointment of Randy's attempt to jail the Boys with stolen evidence. Johnson is much more difficult to deceive than Green, but like Green he is sentenced to five years for police brutality on Ray, which was entirely set up by Lahey and Ray.

He is eventually reinstated in the police force after serving his jail term. Philadelphia "Phil" Collins played by Richard Collins is known mostly for his obesity and burps. Though he is always referred to as " Phil Collins ", nobody except Sam Losco and Randy seem to make the connection between him and the musician of the same name; Sam is eager to use the musician's song titles as prostitutws toward him "Drive, ' Easy Lover ,' drive! Phil has appeared as a greasy motel owner, a taxi driver, and Lahey's paving assistant.

He is paranoid about people looking at his belly, which Ricky calls "the biggest, most powerful gut anyone has ever seen"; the fact that Phil always wears ptostitutes shirts makes his gut more obvious. He belches loudly when hit in the stomach. Phil is known for his zany catchphrases which include "Peanut butter and jam! Phil is the father of Jacob and Thomas Collins.

The actor who played Prostittues Collins Richard Collins died on April 15, during the filming of Don't Legalize Itwhich marked his final appearance; the character's absence is not explained in the series. The name Philadelphia Collins was used in later episodes as a way for the writers to avoid infringing on the pop singer's name and brand. Although her father warns her against associating monton the Boys, she quickly develops a friendship with Ricky after he fixes her bicycle.

She is also good friends with Bubbles and Julian and often seeks solace with them during her parents' less-reasonable periods. However, the Boys are forced to distance male prostitutes moncton from Treena after her interactions cause Lahey to call the police, who nearly discover their marijuana grow op. Despite Barb becoming a regular Sunnyvale resident in season 4, Treena is never seen after season 2, but Jim mentions her in season 4's "Propane, Propane" when he proposes remarriage to Barbara.

In season Eleven, after it is implied that Ricky is Lahey's son and therefore, Treena's half-brotherLahey mentions that " I already have one kid who won't talk to me 'cause of liquor.

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Marguerite Murphy prosritutes by Marguerite McNeil is a disgruntled male prostitutes moncton resident of the trailer park who first appears in the eighth season when Netflix mocton the series. She often curses whenever she is seen onscreen and dislikes being disturbed. In the twelfth and final season, she hires Ricky to put in a towel rack, however during the job, Ricky accidentally cuts the power of the house and breaks open holes in the walls.

A furious Marguerite lays into Ricky over his performance. In the eleventh season, she is promoted to main cast status.

It is revealed in the twelfth season that she is 82 years old. Reggie Rose played by Michael Kennedy is a friend of Ricky's who owns a scrapyard. He is best known for his inability to speak without making references to bestiality such as ". Ricky often refers to him as "The Reg" and in season 12 is the middle-man for a drug deal where Ricky pgostitutes hallucinogenic mushrooms to Terry and Dennis. His nickname goes back to childhood, when an attempted fart monctin into defecation.

According to Bubbles, Bill considers his nickname offensive—not the "Shitty" part, but "Bill". His first appearance is in season 5, and he is frequently mentioned in season 7, often acting as the Boys' liaison outside the park. He rarely speaks beyond monosyllabic noises. Male prostitutes moncton Bottle Kids are a gang of young children or teenagers who amuse themselves by bombarding various park residents with empty liquor bottles, an abundant commodity in Sunnyvale.

Randy is a frequent target due to his obesity and lack of a shirt; he mostly bears the strain of their attacks. The park residents have long since learned to be on guard for their attacks; their appearances are always preceded by somebody shouting: "Bottle kids!

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The residents of Sunnyvale seem to have accepted the bottle kids as a part of daily life in the park, as often a bottle-kid attack is simply waited out, with the residents casually returning to what they were doing before the attack as soon as male prostitutes moncton ends. In Season 5, Trinity s their ranks; watching her in action alongside the others, Jim Lahey muses, "What's wrong with parents these days? Throwing bottles is mwle a rite of passage in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, as Ricky often comments that he also threw bottles as.

And as mentioned ly Trinity also began throwing bottles at a certain age. When Ricky is listing the allegedly fun things he would like his grandson to do while living in Sunnyvale he mentions that he would like his grandson to throw bottles.

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This may indicate that bottle throwing is a rite male prostitutes moncton passage all Sunnyvale kids are expected to go through. In the season 1 finale, she appears ready to move into a trailer with Julian, but at Ricky and Lucy's wedding, the Boys are arrested. Candy appears again in season 12, now a Crown prosecutor in Julian's trial for shoplifting. After Julian is found to be innocent, Candy romantically pursues him. She proposes marriage when they have lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and he accepts.

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She later breaks their engagement, over the phone, when she discovers another of Julian's criminal schemes. Not to be monctn with Julian's girlfriend from the first season, Candy played by Candy Palmater is a character introduced in Season Ten as a jail mate of Barb's and Donna's. After malr three of them were released, they formed what appears to be a lesbian biker gang with the intent of winning back ownership of the trailer park from Julian. Candy is overweight and extremely aggressive, threatening anyone and everyone with physical violence.

She is especially hostile towards Randy, and it is implied that at one point she actually sodomized him with a frozen fish. Her sexual relationship with Barb is occasionally mentioned, male prostitutes moncton Barb one of the many bisexual characters appearing on the show, including Lahey and Randy. He drives a "RS Camaro". He is very protective of his brother Jacob, always trying to keep him away from the trouble he believes will result from associating with Julian.

He is later revealed as an aggressive brute, monncton Ricky up to trailer walls, grabbing Julian's collar, and fighting with Sam Losco. Donny voiced by Mohcton Smith is prostituyes ly- unseen trailer park resident who frequently screams profanity off-camera, usually in reaction to the Boys' antics. Most commonly, he can be heard screaming "What in the fuck! Occasionally he screams longer monologues, such as in "A Man's Gotta Eat".

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